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Wirral Information Resource for Equality & Diversity


Welcome to wired


Carers - please click the link below to tell us about your concerns and support needs during this period of Coronavirus/Covid-19 emergency government restrictions and we will contact you to see how we can help.



Wired was created in 1st April 2003 by merging Wirral based organisations Living Options and Wirral Association for Disability. Today we operate under the name Wired which stands for Wirral Information Resource for Equality and Diversity. 


Our vision is of a society in which disadvantaged people can lead full and independent lives fully participating in society. 


Our mission is to promote the equality, dignity and independence of disadvantaged people. 

Core values

WIRED’s core values are

  • The promotion and development of a society in which disadvantaged people can lead full and independent lives fully participating in society and reaching their potential
  • To promote the equality, dignity and independence of disadvantaged children, young people and families and keep them safe from harm
  • To support children and young people to be ready for school, work and adulthood

WIRED cascades these core values into service delivery through a number of key organisational principals; 

  • Empowerment - people should have control over their own lives
  • Consultation -  involvement in service planning by disadvantaged people and carers
  • Information - clear and easily available
  • Participation - in local, regional and national communities
  • Autonomy- the freedom to make decisions about life
  • Person Centred – to ensure that all audit activity follows the journey of the client through our services
  • Outcome Based and Qualitative: - focussing on the how the service has improved people’s lives
  • Fair - equality and diversity issues are taken into account when developing and undertaking quality assurance activity.
  • Transparent -  to deliver clear messages about the purpose and benefits of service to encourage openness and willingness to participate
  • Ethical - always endeavour to respect participant’s privacy and confidentiality
  • Social value -  wider financial and non-financial impacts of activity, including the wellbeing of individuals and communities, social capital and the environment.

The above key organisational principals are embedded within service delivery through their integration into WIRED business planning, staff and volunteer recruitment, casework, staff supervision and organisational management and governance.

Governance & Management Team

Chair Dr Paul Dufton
Vice Chair Mr Anthony Welch
Trustee Mr Craig Russell
Trustee Mr Lawrie Brown
Trustee Mr William Woods
Trustee Mr Kieran Murphy
Trustee Mr Keith Foggin
Trustee Dr Jane Lane
Chief Executive  Mr David Maguire
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