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Volunteering is unpaid activity where someone gives their time to help an organisation or individual who isn’t a relative. Wired is fortunate in having a team of committed volunteers supporting a number of our services.

In the past year Wired has been supported by 55 volunteers providing around 8300 hours of their time.

Volunteers bring their knowledge and experience to the organisation which can benefit Wired. As an organisation that celebrates diversity Wired welcomes volunteers from a range of backgrounds.

Why do people volunteer with Wired?  

  • To Make New Friends
  • To be part of something
  • To Undertake a Meaningful activity
  • For personal and skills development
  • To experience improved employability
  • To feel valued

As a volunteer at Wired you would be well supported. All volunteers receive:

  • Staff support
  • A clear role
  • Out of pocket expenses
  • Training appropriate to the role

Wired has a number of roles that volunteers undertake including administration, counselling and carers support. If you are interested in volunteering at Wired why not drop us a line at or call us on 0151 522 7990.

For instance would you like to support other parents around their children’s special educational needs? Wirral Parent Partnership runs training courses for people interested in volunteering as an Independent Parental Supporter.   Please click on the Volunteer Role profile for Parent Partnership at the side of this page to find out more.