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Partnership Working

Wired recognises the benefits of working with other organisations and local partnerships and we are active in a number of partnerships where we operate. The benefits to our partners include:

  • Access to the knowledge and experience of over 30 years of work
  • Working with an organisation that is focussed on solutions rather than problems
  • Working with an organisation that has a track record in developing, delivering and improving services

The benefits to clients of us doing this include:

  • Improved referral and support through better knowledge of the local provision
  • Increased opportunities for accessing funding through partnerships
  • Better identification of gaps in services and providing potential commissioners information about these
  • Early identification of trends in needs so we can adapt our services accordingly

Wired also participates in a number of groups and meetings, sharing our experience to improve provision in the areas we operate in. Wired is involved in the following groups:

  • ​Safeguarding Adults Partnership Board –Wired is a full member of the Board but also participates in sub groups of the Board
  • Chief Officers Group – a collective of 33 leaders of voluntary sector organisations in Wirral
  • Wirral Translation, Interpretation and Advocacy Hub – a collective of five organisations that are working in partnership to deliver services, primarily targeted at people from BME communities
  • Wired is a member of Wirral Link

Where minutes from these are public they can be downloaded from this site.

One example of partnership working is the Parent Partnership Steering Group. The Good Practice Guide for Parent Partnership Services sets out the need for Parent Partnership Services to be independent and operate at "arms-length" from the Local Authority to give parents greater confidence. The steering group, which meets four times a year, includes parents, representatives of the Local Authority, voluntary and support groups, volunteer independent parental supporters and an independent Chair.

For more information on the Steering group please look at the Parent Partnership page.