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Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS)

The PALS team provides a confidential service, helping you sort out any concerns you may have about the care you are receiving, and guiding you through the different services available from the NHS.  PALS is provided to Wirral CCG by Wired, a charity provider under contract.  All Wired staff are governed by the same standards of patient confidentiality as NHS employed staff and all records are held securely according to the Data Commissioner registration standards.

PALS can:

·        Help sort out problems quickly on your behalf

·        Listen to your concerns, ideas or queries

·        Advise and support you with your concern

·        Provide information on NHS services

·        Pass on compliments about services

Download the leaflet about our service by clicking the link on the right of the page.   

You can speak to the PALS officers by phone or in person (by prior arrangement). You can contact the team on 0800 054 2137 / 0151 363 3948, email them at  or you can fill out an enquiry form (see download on right of the page).

Client feedback...“PALS helped us to solve a problem and got us answers we needed at a difficult time”

If you would like any more information about this service please call 0800 054 2137 / 0151 363 3948