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Managed Budgets

Managed BudgetsManaged Budgets - Giving you control

Putting People First published back in 2008 by the Department for Health promoted personalised support (personalisation of services). It said that people should have the opportunity for choice and control in their social care.

A personal budget is funding that is given to people who have been assessed as needing social care. Social care can include: help with washing, showering, eating, dressing, toileting and getting in and out of bed and support in doing other daily activities.

People who might need this support are assessed and the results of the assessment are put in a support plan. The personal budget or direct payment is then used to provide the support listed in the plan.  There are also personal health budgets that cover NHS health needs; these needs are listed in a care plan.


Personal budgets provide a potentially good option for people who do not want the responsibilities of direct payments where you employ people directly to provide the services in the support plan.

People who have a personal budget can have a managed budget where someone else manages the financial aspects of paying for the support plan. Wired looks after your money in a bank account for you and pays for the services you receive. Wired offers this service to people in Wirral and Liverpool. 

To find out more please contact the team at Wired.