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All the links below are to external websites. Although we check these regularly we cannot be responsible for the content contained within these websites. If any of these links do not work or have inappropriate content please let us know.

web link Inclusive Access UK Ltd 
web link Wirral Carers
web link Wirral Borough Council
web link Wirral CCG
web link Advice Quality Standard
web link Social care Institute for Excellence
web link Youth Music Website

web link Young Carers
web link Warrington Youth Advice Shop
web link NSPCC
web link Happy? Ok? Sad?
web link Warrington Youth Club
web link Barnardos
web link Action for Children
web link UNICEF
web link Change 4 Life
web link Childline
web link Carers Page
web link Warrington Voluntary Action
web link Childrens Society
web link Families Information Service
web link 4 Children
web link Childrens Rights Alliance
web link NHS Choices
web link Cheshire Police
web link Disabilinet
web link Mental Health Care
web link Advisory Centre for Education
web link Action for Sick Children
web link Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus
web link AFASIC Overcoming Speech Impairments
web link Arthritis Care
web link British Deaf Association
web link Children's Legal Centre
web link Connexions
web link Contact a Family
web link Council for Disabled Children (NCB)
web link Cystic Fibrosis Trust
web link DFE Website
web link Family Fund Grants
web link Involve Northwest
web link MEAS (Minority Ethnic Achievement Service)
web link IAS Network (National)
web link Ofsted - Parentview
web link Paws Project
web link Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal (SEND)
web link Sundowns
web link Wirral Autistic Society

web link DFE
web link NPPN Transition Flowchart
web link Parent Carer Participation Wirral
web link Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council
web link The Wirral Learning Grid
web link Carers Trust
web link Voluntary Action Oldham
web link Health Watch Oldham

There are also some local support groups (listed below that do not have a website), for more information please contact them directly.

Leisure activities for children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities

Stacey Addison (0151 637 6046) or Dave Simmonds (0151 637 6157)

Child + Family Birkenhead: Adcote House, Kent Street, Prenton, CH43 6TX

Tel: 0151 670 0031

Child + Family Wallasey: Victoria Centre, Victoria Central Hospital, Mill Lane,  Wallasey, CH44 5UF 

Tel: 0151 630 2492

Parent Carer Participation Wirral: C/o Wired Resource Centre, 5 St. John Street, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 6HY

Tel: 0151 670 0777​

Wirral Dyslexia Association: Drop in Centre, St. James Centre, 344 Laird Street, Birkenhead. Drop-ins are every Friday during term time from 10am - 12pm

Helpline: 0151 653 4040

If you feel any of the links are innappropriate of if you have a link you would like to suggest please Contact Us.