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Legacy Giving

Legacy GivingHow would leaving a legacy help?

Wired makes a difference to the lives of thousands of disadvantaged people each year by providing a range of support and advice services. One day we hope that everyone will easily be able to access the help they need but in the meantime there is still a demand for our work.

By leaving a legacy to Wired you can make a real difference for the future. We could help a child who is disabled to get the additional support at school that they need; we could help an older person who is trying to stay independent at home as their needs increase; or we could provide time out for someone who cares full time for a relative. Whatever we do with your gift we promise to spend it wisely.

How can I leave a legacy?

There are 3 ways you can leave a legacy in your will: you can leave an item, a sum of money, or a share of your estate. If you don’t have a will already then we recommend that you speak to a solicitor. If you already have a will then you can add a codicil, this is an additional instruction in your will.

Each November a number of solicitors will help people write a will in return for a legacy being included. To find out more and find a participating solicitor near you visit Will Aid at

Obviously your family would come first in your will but a gift of any size could help. With your support we could make a life-changing difference to someone in need. Leave a lasting legacy, leave a gift for the future.