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DonationsWired makes a difference to the lives of thousands of disadvantaged people each year by providing a range of support and advice services. One day we hope that everyone will easily be able to access the help they need but in the meantime there is still a demand for our work.

By giving a donation to Wired you can help us make a real difference. We could:

  • help a child who is disabled to get the additional support at school that they need;
  • help an older person who is trying to stay independent at home as their needs increase;
  • provide time out for someone who cares full time for a relative.

Whatever we do with your donation we promise to spend it wisely.

Sometimes we get in-kind donations, these are good or services that we would otherwise have to purchase. We consider all in-kind donations that are offered and we are grateful that individuals and organisations think of giving to Wired.

Wired would like to thank everyone who has made a donation to the charity. In the past year donations have helped us:

  • Provide activities for young carers
  • Supply more scooters to people using Shopmobility
  • Saved us money on maintenance
  • Saved us money on furniture

Latest thank yous

Thank you to the Warrington Soroptomists, ASDA and Warrington Borough Council who have all recently supported the work of the Young Carers team in Warrington. These donations will enable the team to put on more activities for the Young Carers like the recent trip they did to the National Young Carers Festival in Southampton.

If you would like to find out more about donating to Wired please call us on 0151 522 7990 or visit to donate securely online.